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Title: The Collector's Edtion Or Not?
Post by: Angelsims3 on February 03, 2009, 02:56:54 am
Collector's Edtion
Special Collectors Edition Includes The Sims 3 core game, plus:
2 GB Plumbob™ USB drive with matching green carabiner
Exclusive, downloadable European sports car for your Sims
Prima Tips & Hints Guide
Quick start reference guide
Plumbob sticker sheet & Poster

I just bought a brand new computer and meets the requierments to run the Sims 3 yahoo! I am excited more today!
The computer I bought is awsome
Dell Studio Hybrid Smoke Included Wired Less Keyboard and Mouse! But I have a better one with 260GB HD. Wow I really got a better deal. Now to buy a 20" wide screen monitor TV HDTV but have to waite and save money for I had to buy the Sims 3 too. Well that is enough of that but this computer is perfect for The Sims 3!
At Bestbuy was on sell for 399.00 what a steal, Hurry before they stop that sale.
Dell has them at:

I as I see I will be also geting the prima guide book! That is nice for I buy those anyways so I might as well pay the 69.99. You may talk about that here! What do you think of that!

So many new photos have come out every where here is a few I found for the retail boxed and a magazine!

This is a magazine

Now here is something else with The Sims 3 Folks That Was in London where the Sim guys the EA staff. Read what they are saying the Sims not have to use tolet as offten that is a plus for me!
The link is: